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Frequent Smiler Program

Together Six Month Smiles and you, our active Providers, are changing the way that people all over the world view braces. By offering an economical, cosmetic orthodontic solution for adults who want straight teeth, we are providing a life-changing service for our patients.

In appreciation of the work that you do, we launched the Frequent Smiler Program to reward our active Providers for submitting Patient Tray Kits.

How it Works:

Log into the Provider Resource Center to see the number of Six Month Smiles Cases you treated and how many more cases you will need to unlock the next level of rewards. You can redeem rewards as you earn them, every time you reach a new level in the program. And remember, you are rewarded just for sending cases in!

See My Reward Level

Redeem My Reward


Q: How do I redeem my rewards and/or discount?
A: Once you have reached a reward level, simply log into the Provider Resource Center and click on the "Redeem My Rewards" button to place your order. After we process your reward and/or discount, we will send you an email confirming that it has been shipped.

Q: Can I use my discount on tools and supplies?
A: Discounts offered through the Frequent Smiler Program can only be used on Patient Tray Kits (Full or Single Arch).

Q: Will the cases I sent prior to Jan. 1, 2014 be counted?
A: The Frequent Smiler Program starts fresh every year on Jan. 1st. While your utilization of the Six Month Smiles System is appreciated by us and your patients, only cases processed on or after Jan. 1, 2014 will be eligible. Providers must also be registered on the Six Month Smiles Provider Resource Center in order to participate in the Frequent Smiler Program.

Q: How do I access the Provider Resource Center?
A: The Provider Resource Center is available for active Providers. To register on the Provider Resource Center, click here. Only registered, active Providers will be eligible to participate in the Frequent Smiler Program.

Q: I already have one of the rewards you are offering, can I get something else?
A: Sorry, the Frequent Smiler Program rewards are fixed in nature and may not be exchanged.

Q: Why hasn’t my Six Month Smiles Cases Treated total been updated?
A: Six Month Smiles strives to provide information that is 100% accurate. The Six Month Smiles Cases Treated totals are updated after your case has been billed. If you feel the information provided is not accurate please call Six Month Smiles at 866-957-7645.

Q: Will my Six Month Smiles Cases Treated total ever reset?
A: Yes, all Provider's Six Month Smiles Cases Treated total will reset every year on January 1st.

Q: Can I use more than one coupon on a case?
A: Frequent Smiler Program coupons may not be combined with any other discount, offer, or coupon. Only one coupon per Patient Tray Kit will be accepted. Frequent Smiler Program coupons may only be used by the Provider they were issued to.

Patient Tray Kits received on or after 1/1/14 are eligible for this program. The Frequent Smiler Program will reset to Level 1 every year on January 1st. Only cases that have completed processing and have been billed will count towards the program. Only Full & Single Patient Tray Kits may be used to redeem rewards. Providers registered on the Provider Resource Center are eligible to participate in this program. Six Month Smiles reserves the right to alter rewards or cancel the program at its discretion.

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