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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles Lab Materials

A Smile Like Yours Deserves the Best

Six Month Smiles prioritizes patient comfort and care above all else. That's part of our promise to you. We give careful attention to materials to ensure you’re not in pain from week to week.


Regardless of the appliance, you can count on quality materials made to move with you and to last the duration of your treatment.

6MS Invisible Aligners

Aligners so clear you probably won't notice them (nor will your friends)

Our Invisible Aligners are designed using the industry's finest, Zendura® FLX. Exceptional clarity, durability, flexibility, scalloped for comfort, and much more.

Exceptionally Clear

Our Invisible Aligners are made with exceptional clarity. They are barely visible close up or far away.


Our Aligners use Zendura® FLX (similar to memory foam properties) with flexible materials and are scalloped at the gum line to fit comfortably.

Made in the USA

To the exacting quality standards you've come to expect.


Six Month Smiles and its providers offer many different financing plans to fit any budget.


Our trained Dentists focus on the teeth that show when you smile. Our treatments are focused on your chief complaint—crooked teeth.


Remember, it's only 6 months. It's worth it! There are thousands of incredible stories by real Six Month Smiles patients.

Clear Braces...if you need them

The ultimate tooth-moving appliance

Our Clear Braces are designed to give your dentist ultimate control to fix your chief complaint while correcting your smile issues discreetly. Using clear Lucid® Lockbrackets and tooth colored wires, we'll have you smiling in no time.


Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires mean there's a good chance your virtual coworkers and social media followers will never know you took the time to perfect your smile.


Using our tooth colored, memory shape wire and precision bracket placement, your teeth will move gently and efficiently.

Even Faster

When you're straightening your teeth and want to be ready before your big day—wedding, graduation, professional headshots—nothing gets the job done faster.

Always Working

If you think taking aligners in and out might be a hassle, clear braces could be for you. There's no forgetting to put trays in, or removing them to eat. 


To the exacting quality standards you've come to expect.

Available Everywhere

There are Six Month Smiles providers around the world trained to straighten your smile. Simply visit the dentist finder to locate one near to you.

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