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6MS Aligners


A Higher Quality Aligner

Using material created with your patient’s comfort in mind, 6MS Invisible Aligners deliver results in shorter time and won’t crack under pressure.

About 6MS Aligners


Crafted using the best material in the industry- Zendura® FLX™ made with exceptional clarity, durability, flexibility, and scalloped shaped so they comfortably fit your patient’s teeth. Other features: 

  • Dual-shell material 
  • Improved elasticity 
  • Superior force retention 
  • Increased patient comfort 
  • Continuous impact strength 
  • Highly stain resistant 
  • Thickness 0.76 mm (.030 in) 

*Images and some content on this page are courtesy of www.zenduradental.com.  


Dual-Shell Material & Improved Elasticity 

Zendura® FLX™ is made up of a dual-shell scheme, with a hard outer shell and an elastomeric middle layer. This allows for the material to rebound to lateral and rotational forces.  






Dual-Shell Material

Get Started Today 

If you have previous ortho experience, you can self-certify and begin using 6MS Invisible Aligners Today! No ortho experience? No problem- check out the training options available in-person and online.  
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Superior Force Retention & Increased Patient Comfort 

Delivers 40% less initial force and 200% greater orthodontic force over time. This increases patient comfort throughout treatment and can reduce overall treatment time. 



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Continuous Impact Strength 

Impact Strength*

Measuring the ability to resist crack under continuous impact (force)
*Material normalized at 0.030 thickness
ImpactStrength (1)

Highly Stain Resistant 

Stain Resistance*

Measuring the ability to resist staining after extended period of exposure in oral cavity
*CIELAB yellow color index before/after immersion in mustard at 37C for 24 hours