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Six Month Smiles



Thank you for choosing the Six Month Smiles® EVERYONE™ Program! The EVERYONE™ program was created because Six Month Smiles believes everyone should smile with confidence. Your dentist or orthodontist (“Provider”) will first determine you are a suitable candidate for the program. Once you have selected a financing option, you will receive a treatment plan and the appropriate Six Month Smiles® products as prescribed by your Provider.

Providing the smile you have always dreamed of is of paramount importance. If during the last two months of treatment you are not happy with the results, and your Provider feels a new treatment plan is clinically advisable, Six Month Smiles® will give your Provider a new treatment plan and the accompanying products free of charge. To be eligible for the new treatment plan, the Provider’s prescriptions for aligner wear and proper oral hygiene must be followed. Additionally, all appointments with your Provider must be kept. Provider certification of those conditions is needed prior to the release of a new treatment plan. Patients participating in the Six Month Smiles® EVERYONE™ Program may have up to 2 treatment plans total. Unused and unopened products should be returned to your Provider.

This guarantee is only valid for patients who reside in the United States or any of its territories, and is governed by our terms and conditions of sale at: https://www.6monthsmiles.com/legal/website-terms-and-conditions and our patient privacy policy at: https://www.6monthsmiles.com/legal/website-privacy-policy.