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Six Month Smiles

Effective Treatment: Life-Changing Results

Straight Teeth In 6 MONTHS.

Six Month Smiles is an effective way to straighten your teeth in a reasonable amount of time. The Six Month Smiles system uses brackets and wires which are a tried and true method that doctors have trusted for over a hundred years to move teeth effectively and efficiently. Now with Six Month Smiles modern twist on a reliable method - you can tap into the best of both worlds: an effective method to move teeth AND in a short amount of time.

How is this accomplished? Six Month Smiles uses the latest in digital technology behind the scenes, coupled with experienced orthodontic professionals and a community of dentists all over the world to deliver the smile you've always wanted.

How can it be only 6 months? This is achieved by focusing on the teeth that show when you smile. You'll have a consultation with a Six Month Smiles doctor who will find out what YOUR biggest concern is with your smile. Treatment is then focused on those specific treatment goals (along with the dentists recommendations) to deliver a smile you can be confident in! 


Am I A Candidate?


6MS Invisible Aligners

Barely noticeable.

  • Takes about 6 Months
  • Discreet and Barely Noticeable
  • Flexible & Comfortable
  • Fits Into Your Lifestyle ↓


6MS Clear Braces

Fast and effective without the stress of DIY (Do it yourself).

  • Takes about 6 Months
  • Discreet and Barely Noticeable
  • They work 24/7, & Easily Move Teeth 
  • Fits Into Your Lifestyle ↓


Traditional Ortho

Everything is almost perfect, but you pay for it with years.

  • Very noticeable
  • Takes about 2 years (sometimes longer)
  • Metal brackets rub against cheeks


Six Month Smiles vs. Invisalign

Identical twins in search of confident smiles - watch their story unfold as they go through different treatment options...

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“If I could go back in time, I would've chosen Six Month Smiles"

Aligner User

“I had my doubts about 6 months smiles but I'm so grateful I went ahead with the treatment plan. I've had my 6 month smile braces for 5 months and the results make me get really emotional cause I can now smile with confidence.”

Melissa Tafoya
Happy Six Month Smiles Patient

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