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Straight Teeth
in 6 Months

How Do Braces Work
Our system is for adults (16+) with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth. We use discreet clear braces and tooth-colored wires. Barely noticeable. The average time is only 6 MONTHS!

Am I A Candidate?

From Start to Finish

Your Six Month Smiles journey starts now


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Today's the day. About an hour and you’re on your way!

Month 1

Movement's Begun!

You should be well adjusted to your braces by now. Remember: It will be worth it!

Month 1-5


You should already see a huge difference! Expect to see change every month. You'll need 3-7 adjustments depending on your case.

Month 5

You're almost there!

Get excited! You're about a month away from getting your braces-off and a brand new smile. 😁

Month 6


Congratulations! You're done! You now have a beautiful new smile! Show it off to your friends and family! ❤️



Reduced Treatment Times



Easily Moves Teeth



Barely Noticeable

All Laughs and Smiles Thanks to Six Month Smiles
2:43 min


With Six Month Smiles, you'll have reassurance and peace of mind that a trained dentist who knows you personally is treating your smile.

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Will People See Them?

Our clear brackets and tooth colored wires are discreet and almost unnoticeable at the surface. No matter the distance, they appear almost invisible to the human eye mid-conversation or just walking by.

What about Aligners and Metal Braces?

Other options like aligners can be stressful to keep up with (especially without the guidance of a trained dentist), and can take more than 6 months. Traditional ortho (metal braces) usually takes about 2 years. Learn More →

How much does it cost?

While cost is generally less expensive than traditional braces and aligners, the cost varies depending on your specific treatment goals. Each Provider ultimately determines cost of treatment. Most Doctors offer payment plans and we also offer patient financing. Learn More 

Do Braces Hurt?

"Not at all. What most patients describe is mild temporary discomfort for a few days after the clear braces are placed and maybe after some adjustments, but people don't complain of anything more than that. Think of it like going to the gym, you maybe be a bit sore at first but you will eventually feel better."
- Dr. Chris Bowman

What About Dental Insurance?

Your dental insurance may cover limited orthodontic treatment, such as Six Month Smiles. Details should be reviewed with your dentist. A combination of your Insurance, FSA, and HSA, can make this treatment affordable and may be able to combine with traditional financing plans offered by the Doctor's office. Learn More 

What Now?

Schedule a consultation with a Six Month Smiles Provider near you.

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