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Only available in the United States

Financing for All.

Six Month Smiles® for EVERYONE™ connects you with pre-qualified patients without taking on financial risk. 




Get Pre-qualified Patients

New patients can get pre-approved and be ready to accept treatment immediately.


When you become a Six Month Smiles provider, you're automatically set up for success. By opting into the SIX MONTH SMILES® EVERYONE™ Program, say YES to more patients with wide ranging credit profiles. The cost of these loans can be comparable to credit card fees and represent no financial risk to the practice. 


  • Patients can be approved instantly
  • Enroll your practice in less than 5 minutes
  • You'll receive a personalized link and QR code that associate your patient's application. 

Become a provider Enroll in Everyone


Here's How it Works

Six Month Smiles Provider Financing Step 1


Step 1

The Patient visits 6monthsmiles.com to complete a virtual assessment. If the patients case is suitable, they will be  approved for financing.

Step 2

Step 2

Patient searches for a dentist in their area using the Find-A-Dentist feature on the 6MS website and schedules a consultation with you. 

Step 3

Step 3

After your clinical assessment, you will use the patient’s unique ID number to “claim” the patient in the PRC.

Step 5

Step 4

You simply take the records and submit the case as you normally would. 
Step 4


Step 5

The patient will then get an email and/or text message to confirm the treatment and complete their financing terms agreement. All of this can be done while sitting in your treatment chair from their smartphone.

Step 6

Step 6

After the treatment plan is approved we will ship the case to the practice. 

Speak to a Team Member for More Details

1Length of treatment, terms, pricing, and conditions may vary based on your individual diagnosis. Other treatments may be required before Six Month Smiles to ensure the best possible results. 6-10 Months is the historical average treatment time.