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Six Month Smiles
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Six Month Smiles

Guided Orthodontics for the General Dentist

Six Month Smiles is a Guided Ortho system that provides General Dentists/GDPs with practical, step-by-step treatment plans for adults with crooked, misaligned, or spaced teeth.

Utilizing unique clear brackets and tooth colored wires or invisible aligners, your adult patients can have straight teeth in about 6 MONTHS.

World renown Dentist and Six Month Smiles Provider, Dr. Mike DiTolla (DDS, FAGD) discusses our guided orthodontic system.

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Unique Brackets & Tooth Colored Wires

Six Month Smiles brackets and wires have been created to specifically address the unique treatment objectives of short-term orthodontics.

  • Our unique clear brackets are specifically designed and allow dentists to obtain short-term orthodontic treatment goals with precision and efficiency. The angulations, in-out dimensions, and off-sets are specific for these cosmetically focused cases. Also, their uniquely clear translucency blends seamlessly with surrounding tooth structure… and patients love that!

  • Our wires are tooth-colored shape memory wires that are highly active and provide consistent force levels to gently straighten and align teeth. The unique archform of Lucid Lok™ wires provides for broad but appropriate arches and minimizes the need for IPR in short-term orthodontic cases.

Clinical Details

Custom Bonding Trays

Bracket specialists position brackets for you in custom indirect bonding trays. This makes bracket placement remarkably easy, efficient and stress free. The bonding trays are then packaged into our Patient Tray Kit™ (PTK).

  • Easy to apply
  • 4x faster placement vs. free-hand placement
  • Team member friendly for maximum production

How it Works



Treating your Six Month Smiles patients has never been easier or more predictable than with CONFIDEX 360™. Created by orthodontists specifically for you.

  • High quality presentation of teeth movement.
  • Ability for 360 rotation of treatment plan animation.
  • Ability to email the link to the viewer to your patient.
  • No need to download software to view.
  • Pause, rewind, or fast forward functionality.

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Comprehensive Support

  • Introducing a new 1-on-1 personal mentor program.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base on content and videos that help answer question and guide treatments.

  • A Forum for posing questions answered by our Clinical Instructors Dentists.

  • Searchable content based on your questions and keywords.

  • Schedule an appointment with our team of short-term ortho assistants.

  • FREE Marketing Materials to let people in your area know that you offer Six Month Smiles.
Lynae's Six Month Smiles Experience
1:11 min

Easy Process. Trusted Methods.

For over 12 years, Six Month Smiles has used tried and true orthodontic techniques to create over 150,000 new smiles. During your treatment, you will be under the care of a trained doctor from start to finish. Our system is completely FDA compliant and safe to use. We work with over 10,000 dentists around the world dedicated to helping their patients live happier and healthier lives.

Product Details