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Six Month Smiles


Six Month Smiles

Aligners & Braces Essentials Course

Learn to treat patients with braces or aligners in 2 days of full, hands-on training. Upon completion of the course you'll become a Six Month Smiles Provider with unlimited access to Clinical Support for every case. 

Aligners & Braces Essentials Course

Doctor: $1499
Team Member: $325

Up to 20 CE / 19 eCPD

No prerequisites required

Existing Six Month Smiles Providers, register for a course by logging in here


Why Six Month Smiles

Because it's easy, effective, and your patients want it. The Six Month Smiles® guided orthodontic system equips you to help your adult patients with crooked teeth, spaced cases, crowded cases, rotations, deep bites, creating spaces for implants and setting up cosmetic cases utilizing Clear Braces or Aligners. Your production will increase as you change lives.


  • Digital Scans accepted from any Scanner
  • Digital Treatment Planning with CONFIDEX
  • FREE case & marketing support
  • Access to our online Provider Resource Center
  • Access to our knowledge base and videos
  • Live case reviews of your patients at the course
  • Unlimited clinical support
Crosstown Dental
6:24 min


Dr. Daniel Bird

Memphis, TN

Dentists CAN do Guided Ortho!

Dr. Bird shares how he has incorporated Six Month Smiles to even further increase his practice efficiency and achieve high patient satisfaction! 👍

Course Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of Orthodontic Tooth Movement (OTM)
  • Perform a clear Orthodontic Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Identify suitability for treatment
  • Treatment Planning and Adjustment Appointments
  • Understand the importance of retention after Orthodontic treatment
  • Knowledge of 6MS support channels

What will I learn specifically for Braces?

  • Familiarity with 6MS Indirect Bonding Trays and process for attaching brackets and wires
  • Understand CONFIDEX Treatment Plan and recommended sequence for your cases
  • Perform IPR and other trouble shooting techniques
  • Familiarity with orthodontic instruments and auxiliaries used during treatment

What will I learn specifically for Aligners?

  • Understand parameters of predictability for Clear Aligners
  • Learn how to successfully place aligners, perform IPR and bond attachments
  • Learn troubleshooting techniques

Topics Covered in the Live Course:

  • Orthodontic fundamentals
  • Patient case selection
  • CONFIDEX Treatment Planning
  • Braces-on process
  • Braces Hands-On:  Bonding brackets, Performing IPR, Ligating Archwire, & Auxiliaries
  • Aligners Hands-On:  Bonding attachments
  • Adjustment appointments & trouble shooting
  • Finishing treatment & retention
  • Live case reviews

Additional topics covered in the Aligner e-Course:

  • Clinical advantages of 6MS Invisible Aligners **
  • Capabilities of 6MS Aligner technology **
  • Parameters of predictability **
  • Delivery and clinical management of 6MS Invisible Aligners **
  • When and how to order refinements **


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About our Products

Aligners when you want them, and braces when you need them. Six Month Smiles Guided Orthodontics is all about giving GPs the right tool for the right job. Our Clear Braces and Invisible Aligners equip dentists to help their adult patients with crooked teeth, spacing, mild rotations and more.

Clear Braces:

  • Custom Indirect Bonding Trays
  • Brackets are placed digitally for maximum accuracy
  • Shape memory wires provide consistent force levels to gently straighten and align teeth
  • Treatment guided by orthodontists
  • Learn more about what's included with Clear Braces

Invisible Aligners:

  • Competitively Priced
  • Comes with CONFIDEX Treatment Planning
  • Made of high quality material - Zendura® FLX™
  • Moves teeth gently, making them more comfortable
  • Learn more about 6MS Invisible Aligners
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