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Six Month Smiles

Relief BiteCare Background

Relief BiteCareNightguards Keep Your Patients Teeth Healthy

Relief BiteCare Nightguards are 3D printed and offer several custom design elements for you to choose from. Like the “Pankey” or “Tanner” design, we can plan and print them for you. 

Features & Benefits:

  • 3D printed for superior form, fit, and configurability
  • Made with biocompatible materials, can be easily polished in your office 
  • Select from our default options or customize to suit your preferences
  • More than 8 different customizable design features: material to use, labial, lingual & buccal coverage, gingival scalloping, occlusal contact and thickness (vertical opening).
  • Stain resistant and abrasion resistant 

Relief BiteCare Adaptable 3D: 

  • Adjustable in hot water and adjustable using a dental burr 
  • Acrylic material can also be added to the appliance 
  • Recommended for patients with a lot of dental work (Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, etc.) 
  • For patients who are light grinders and teeth clenchers 
  • Has increased comfortability over time 
  • Easier insertion and removal 
  • Recommended to wear a clear removable retainer on the opposing arch 
  • Our default and most popular nightguard option

Relief BiteCare Hard 3D:

  • Adjustable with a dental burr, it is not thermo-adjustable 
  • Acrylic material can't be added to this appliance 
  • Has increased durability and is recommended for severe bruxers 
  • For patients who have a history of breaking nightguards 
  • Recommended to wear a clear removable retainer on the opposing arch 

*Every Relief BiteCare Nightguard appliance includes patient and dentist instructions for use. 

Relief BiteCare Image

Relief BiteCare™ Nightguards

Six Month Smiles is proud to announce a new advancement in the fight to relieve pressure points and add stability for patients experiencing grinding issues and TMJ disorders. 

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