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One of the reasons General Dentists choose Six Month Smiles over other orthodontic companies is when you become a Six Month Smiles provider, our commitment to supporting you doesn't end when training ends. In fact, it increases! In choosing Six Month Smiles, Dentists choose a partner who goes the extra mile (and a half) to give you the clinical confidence you need to change your patients' lives. 

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Over 93% of Your Colleagues

have given 6MS Clinical Support an "Excellent" rating. That's 9 out of every 10 dentists! 

The Doctor who helped me knew his stuff and he answered me quickly. He made sure I had no other questions.

Dr. Stephen Jarvie, East Brooke Dental

Easy to set up an appointment with the specialist and webpage was well constructed to have a good communication.

Dr. Sooji Lee, Park Dental


Dr. Glenn answered my questions quickly. He was patient and informative.

Dr. Robert Sampier, Dental Horizons PC

Dr. was very helpful, explaining and offering all available information.

Dr. Jennifer Kunkel, Needville Family Dentistry

Case support quite fast to book appointment and reassurance is invaluable. A skilled eye can change treatment plan to resolve issues quickly and safely.

Dr. Reham Moawad, MyDentist Macclesfield

Requested bracket prescription info and was answered immediately with this info the next day. Aided me in cases where I need to alter torque on palatally placed lateral incisors, upper canines, lower canines and I was offered chance to talk to orthodontist. Very helpful. Thanks

Dr. Keith Ratcliff, Eilersten Dental Care

Amazing support as always. Greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Dr. Jurate Brazaitiene, Farnworn Dental & Implant Centre

He explained the case very well to me which gives me the confidence to want to embark on the case. Very supportive.

Dr. Adeyemi Opaleye, Tetbury Dental Practice

Excellent thorough solutions to my case inquires.

Dr. Ronald Eldridge, Eldridge Dental Group

We're Here to Answer Any Additional Questions You Have

It's just another one of the ways you're never on your own with Six Month Smiles®!