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Six Month Smiles

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Finish More Cases with Confidence Thanks to 6MS Clinical Support

When dentists choose Six Month Smiles, they're never on their own. That's a promise. As the leader in Guided Orthodontics, Six Month Smiles is committed to your success. One of the ways we ensure Providers can deliver lasting smiles repeatedly is by providing clinical assistance that you can count on.

Benefits of Being a 6MS Provider_Free Case Evaluations


Case Selection

  • Help with determining if your patient is suitable for Six Month Smiles. 
  • Review of patient records by Clinical Specialist. 
  • Identification of clinical conditions to consider and/or address prior to treatment. 
  • Estimation of case difficulty. 
  • Recommendation of which appliance is better suited to treat your patient. 
  • Appliance limitations that may affect the outcome. 
  • Time consideration and patient deadlines. 

Treatment Planning


Case Planning

  • Confidex customized treatment plan & 3D simulation. 
  • Planned by trained clinicians overseen by orthodontists. 
  • Instructions for IPR and attachment bonding. 
  • Auxiliary usage for brackets and wires. 
  • Sequence recommended for treatment (braces only). 
  • Visualize treatment stages and predicted final outcome. 
  • Ability to share a patient friendly link to the viewer. 

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Ongoing Support 

  • 1:1 Clinical Support by scheduling a virtual meeting at a time convenient for you. 
  • Talk through your case or get advice on how to move forward if you are stuck. 
  • Upload current progress photos for review and specific guidance. 
  • Phone support for when you need immediate help. 
  • Knowledge Base with online repository of articles, videos, reference forum threads, and case gallery. 
  • To schedule your virtual meeting, first login to the Provider Resource Center. 
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We're Here to Help

One of the reasons General Dentists choose Six Month Smiles over other orthodontic companies is when you become a Six Month Smiles provider, our commitment to supporting you doesn't end when training ends. In fact, it increases! In choosing Six Month Smiles, Dentists choose a partner who goes the extra mile (and a half) to give you the clinical confidence you need to change your patients' lives. 


We're Here to Answer Any Additional Questions You Have

It's just another one of the ways you're never on your own with Six Month Smiles®!