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Informational Webinars

Learn More About Six Month Smiles®

Those interested in getting to know Six Month Smiles better are encouraged to register for an info  webinar. Not only will you earn continuing education credit in some cases, the Clinical Instructor will introduce you to guided orthodontics and answer any questions you might have about our minimally-invasive dentistry services.

No matter which webinar you choose, you'll learn how Six Month Smiles compares to other companies out there and why the Six Month Smiles approach allows Providers and their teams to deliver results for their patients using Invisible Aligners, Clear Braces or both in an average of 6 MONTHS.

Perez and Haney together

On-Demand Webinar

Topic: Cosmetic Tooth Alignment for General Dentists

Improving Cosmetic Cases with Simple Tooth Movement

hosted by Dr. Brooks Haney & Dr. Jorge Perez 

Six Month Smiles Clinical Instructors

This webinar will give general dentist an overview of the biomechanics associated with conservative, minimally-invasive, guided treatment options for adult patients with crooked or misaligned teeth. As a useful alternative to traditional treatment options such as crowns and veneers, it can be used in conjunction with restorative treatment. Utilizing proven guided orthodontic principles and materials, delivered with clear aligners or unnoticeable brackets and wires, GP's can deliver guided ortho with ease, confidence, and predictability, allowing you patients to smile with confidence.

During this 1-hour and 45-minute webinar, the Six Month Smiles Clinical Directors for both appliances give an in-depth overview of treatable cases and the limitations of each appliance. 1.5 CE Available

Topics Covered:

  • What Is Six Month Smiles
  • Diagnosing Patients for Treatment
  • Selecting the Right Appliance
  • Treatment Planning with CONFIDEX™
  • Real Six Month Smiles Results
  • Getting Started with Six Month Smiles