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Six Month Smiles

iMac on the table_treatment_guide

CONFIDEX™ Guided Orthodontic Treatment Planning 

Avoid surprises and treatment delays with Confidex, a roadmap for dentists and their patients to visualize the outcome of ortho treatment.

Confidex Means Predictable Outcomes

Increase your confidence and set patient expectations with the Confidex treatment guide and 3D simulation viewer. Explore features of the aligner and braces viewers below.

About Confidex 6MS Aligners 

With 6MS Aligners, what is presented to you virtually is what you can expect to see clinically. Treatment plans are created by highly trained specialists and overseen by orthodontists. Plans feature how much IPR to conduct and offer the ability to do side-by-side plan comparisons. Every plan outlines the expected length of treatment and includes an overlay to see the initial and final outcomes.

Learn more about 6MS invisible aligners. 

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About 6MS Confidex Clear Braces 

Treatment plans are created by orthodontists and include specific appointment-by-appointment directions. Every plan contains a Six Month Smiles proprietary case complex index and estimated treatment time. IPR directives (how much and where), as well as biteguard location, and auxiliary usage (if needed) are included in the plan. Brackets are placed digitally and the final product includes custom bonding trays to make the braces-on process seamless.

Learn more about 6MS clear braces.

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Become a Provider Today 

If you have previous ortho experience, you can self-certify and begin using 6MS Invisible Aligners Today! No ortho experience? No problem- check out our training options for aligners or clear braces 

What's Included with Confidex?

Created for General Dentists, aligner and clear braces with Confidex include:

Customized Treatment Guide 

  • IPR guidance and attachment bonding. 
  • Auxiliary usage for brackets and wires. 
  • Sequence recommended for treatment (braces only). 
  • No upfront cost for planning. You're only charged when the case ships. 
  • Planned by trained clinicians overseen by orthodontists.

3D Model Simulation and Viewer 

  • Visualize treatment stages and predicted final outcome. 
  • Ability to share a patient friendly link to the viewer. 
  • Toggle on/off brackets and attachments for ideal viewing. 
  • View initial and final overlay. 
  • Compare plan versions side-by-side (aligners only). 
  • Grid view for exact measurements (mm) (aligners only).