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Six Month Smiles



6MS Ortho Day

Let us help you host a Six Month Smiles Ortho/Open Day.

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Co-Sponsored Marketing

When you agree to host a Six Month Smiles Day pop-up event in your practice, we get really excited for you.
We've seen providers boost their production by as many as 22 cases in just one day! Complete the request form below and once approved, we'll help promote your event at no cost to you.


Here's what you'll need to be successful

  • A designated point person in your practice
  • A killer promotion to get patients interested and committed to accepting treatment
  • Giveaways to ensure appointments are kept
  • Follow the step-by-step guide we'll provide

Why Host a 6MS Ortho/Open Day?

  • Great way to attract new patients to your office
  • You’d like to boost your productivity quickly
  • You have patients who are looking for an extra incentive to commit

How does Six Month Smiles help?

  • 6MS provides custom emails, direct mail files, and website images
  • Complimentary marketing to 6MS patients in your area on social media

Why do this now?

  • You have some cases under your belt and a ready for more!
  • Your team likes enjoys Six Month Smiles and talking with patients about it
  • There’s no better time than now to get your date scheduled now to get your date scheduled
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