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Short Term Braces

Global Influence

Six Month Smiles is a global leader in short term orthodontics.

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Why It Matters

Continuous Growth

With the UK Intake Centre and providers in over 50 countries, we continue to grow and help people get straight teeth in less time with short term braces!


We're not a new company. We have over 15 years of experience with guided orthodontics and we hire top talent in the dental/ortho industry.


We literally coined the term Short Term Ortho. Our award winning system is safe and effective - producing REAL results.

Industry Leaders

Forging the way ahead with new technologies such as predictable treatment planning, Six Month Smiles leads on all fronts.

Future Thinkers

As we grow and expand, new ways of providing confidence to your patients will be achieved with our incredible support system.

Global Learning

With live training  in North America and Europe - our influence and reach in the short term braces industry is consistently expanding.

Dr. Dominique Kanaan
Interview with Dr. Dominique Kanaan
4:40 min


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