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Endless Opportunities for New Providers

It's never been easier for GPs to incorporate Guided Orthodontics into a dental practice. Whether you choose Invisible Aligners, Clear Braces or both, 6MS puts the best of both worlds in dentists' hands. 

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Step 1

Say 'Yes'

Once you've decided if your practice is a fit for  Six Month Smiles, the hard part is over! Speak to your team about the new practice add-on that is sure to drive revenue year after year.

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Step 2

Register for & Complete Training

Our training is suitable for the General Dentist and  the team. Each professional will earn Depending on the type of treatment you would like to offer initially training times vary from 1/2 day to a full-day intensive experience.

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Step 3

Submit the First Case

Choose Clear Braces or Invisible Aligners. It's that simple!

Compare Training Options

We've created a quick, downloadable guide to help you choose the right training option for you.

Aligners When You Want Them

Invisible Aligners have advanced through the years. Not only has patient awareness of these removable appliances grown exponentially, the biomechanics of aligners have become more sophisticated. This has resulted in aligners becoming more capable of delivering predictable outcomes and in less time. Six Month Smiles® Invisible Aligners equip dentists to help adult patients with crooked teeth, spaced cases, mild rotations and more. The first step to becoming a Provider is registering for an upcoming training course.


Why Choose Six Month Smiles Aligners Over the Rest?

Because it's easy, effective, and your patients want it. As consumer demand continues to rise for aligners, so has the need to provide them with a sound alternative to inferior aligners available by mail. And, because Six Month Smiles also offers clear braces, we'll advise dentists on whether or not their patients are candidates for aligners. Your production will increase as you change lives, and you can feel confident that you're not leaving your patients in the hands of a subpar DIY solution.



  • Digital Scans accepted from any Scanner
  • Digital Treatment Planning by Orthodontists, not machines
  • Unlimited FREE case support
  • FREE marketing support
  • Access to our online Provider Resource Center
  • Access to our online support Forum
  • Aligners made from the best material in the industry - Zendura® FLX™
  • Made in the USA
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Costs 10-15% less than other popular aligners

Topics Covered:

      • The incomparable value of the 6MS Invisible Aligner appliance
      • How to perform a clear orthodontic assessment and diagnosis
      • How to identify a patient’s suitability for treatment
      • The parameters of predictability for clear aligners
      • Performance of IPR and attachment bonding
      • How to perform troubleshooting techniques
      • The importance of retention after orthodontic treatment
      • How to access invaluable clinical support available to you from Six Month Smiles
      • The ins and outs of submitting your first 6MS Invisible Aligner case as soon as day 1

Braces When You Need Them 

Whether patients like it or not, there are times when aligners won't work to correct their smile issues. We get it. That's why Six Month Smiles® Clear Braces were created. Using a barely noticeable system of tooth-colored brackets placed in Indirect Bonding Trays together with white wires, dentists are able to give patients the smiles of their dreams in less time than traditional braces! That's what Guided Orthodontics is all about giving GPs the right tool for the right job. Get started with Brackets, Wires and a brief overview of Aligners by attending our 2-day hands-on training course. Note: Those interested in comprehensive aligner training, should attend the aligner course. 




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Dr. Daniel Bird

Memphis, TN

Dr. Bird shares how he has incorporated Six Month Smiles to even further increase his practice efficiency and achieve high patient satisfaction! 👍

Crosstown Dental
5 min
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