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Accelerated Braces

Our Patient Tray Kit

An easy systematized approach that makes your cases efficient and stress free.

Patient Tray Kit - Six Month Smiles

Our Patient Tray Kit contains the custom indirect bonding trays and supplies including wires, quick ties, donuts, and patient relief wax. These items are typically needed at your patient's braces-on appointment. This it easy and cost-effective for you to implement cosmetic orthodontics into your practice.

Each Patient Tray Kit includes digitally placed Lucid Lok™ brackets in upper and lower custom bonding trays, wires (.014, .016, .018), All-Bond Universal Adhesive, quick ties, clear ligature ties, patient wax, IPR strips (4mm, 8mm), Benda brush, and an Optragate cheek retractor.


Our Patient Tray Kit has everything you need

Keeping things Efficient for Your Practice

All in the Box

The Patient Tray Kit is designed to keep your practice moving. Efficiency is the name of our game.

It's All About the Trays

Our custom indirect bonding trays allow you to seat ALL the brackets at one time. How's that for a time saver?

Digitally Designed

You want exact? You've got it. Six Month Smiles brackets are placed digitally for maximum accuracy.

Less Chair Time

This kit is all about saving you precious chair time. Smart and efficient equals more production where you need it.

Organize Your Cases

This box provides easy storage in your practice. Yep. We even thought of that.

Whats Not To Like?

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